The Politics of Rednecks, Dudes & Redneck Dudes In Marketing

People in charge of brands often wish to play it safe and steer clear of politics when risking their branding money. Why purposefully alienate some chunk of a demographic, right? But even “playing it safe” can have political meaning. Whether it’s casting de-masculated dudes because you don’t want to offend those who think masculinity is sexist (really?), or presenting the Southern-accented, dirt-under-the-fingernails character as your …more

A Slick Facebook “Like” Counter For Your Shop Or Event

Fliike is a slick-design Facebook “like” counter that displays your “likes” in real time — for the offline world. Modeled after train station gate-change boards or old school, flipping numeral-panel clocks, the Facebook-blue numerals periodically flip through, drawing attention to itself. And when a customer likes your Facebook page on his or her mobile device, the device instantly updates +1. We are working hard to …more

Test Drive

A fun video for the Chevrolet Camaro…. sorry… for Pepsi Max. Jeff Gordon undercover: “This is way too much car for me.” How’d they get this past the lawyers? The answer is…

Using Google Map’s Street View To Create Dynamic Animations

From the Canadian design and development firm Teehan + Lax comes the “Hyperlapse” experiment. Using Google Map’s API and its street view imagery along with some javascript trickery and requiring WebGL browsers with some horsepower, Hyperlapse converts your desired path on a Google Map into a street-level animation where you can drag crosshairs to change the camera’s view as it goes along. See the video …more

Scrolling Story As Marketing Web Design Trend

Story telling used as a marketing technique of course is nothing new. But when web design is used to market a product or service, the typical considerations for call-to-action headlines, buttons and forms, sub-headlines, benefit lists, testimonials, logo gardens, featured hero elements, navigation, sub navigation, organizing websites by features, pricing and other information each to a its own page… simply walking a visitor through the …more

Stay Strong Boston

Our thoughts and prayers go to those affected by the awful explosions in Boston today. It turns the stomach to think of the cruelty and the depravity of the person, persons or group that would do this. Stay strong Boston. We are not a society that will tolerate this kind of senseless evil:

Botnet Attacking Weak Password WordPress Sites & What To Do About It

The news hitting the web today is that there is an unknown attacker using tens of thousands of computers attempting to hack into certain WordPress and Joomla sites that use the “admin” username and weak passwords. Using the common “admin” username, the software attempts to guess the password using thousands of different possibilities. PCMag reports that: “The top five passwords attempted in the hack are …more

Stop-In-Your-Tracks-And-Stare Ambient Marketing

Ambient marketing takes marketing into the streets and makes contact, sometimes literally. It is an experiential form of promotion. When was the last time you saw a TV, magazine or web advertisement that made you stop what you were doing and say, “Wow.” Probably a long time. It can be hard to give that jolt of the unexpected when the ad is in its prescribed …more

How To Build Upon Past Fontello Icon Sets

I recommended the choose-your-icons-as-fonts Fontello service for web design and web development nerds. Use scalable, vector-based, open-source icons on your website that are editable via CSS like any text font — and choose only the icons you need rather than installing an entire library of icons of which you may only use a few. But one issue that came up was, what do you do …more